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Our Mission

The Pikes Peak Climbers Alliance 501(c)3 is a rock climbing advocacy group. Our mission is to promote sustainable climbing, foster education, and protect the resources of the Pikes Peak region. We do this through open dialogue and partnership with land managers, other advocacy organizations, and the local community. We welcome your input! ​

Where We Work

The Pikes Peak region encompasses much of the Southern Front Range, from Canon City to Denver and as far West as South Park. In particular, the PPCA focuses its efforts on popular crags near Colorado Springs, including Shelf Road, Colorado Springs City Parks (Garden of the Gods, Red Rock Open Space, and Cheyenne Canyon), and Turkey Rocks and Devils Head in the South Platte.

For more information about the management of climbing areas in the Pikes Peak Region, take a look at these Climbing Management Plans (CMPs), developed in partnership with federal land managers.

Jefferson County (JeffCo) Climbing Management Plan

- Eastern CO (Shelf Road) Climbing Management Plan

- South Platte Climbing Management Plan

Our Committees

Education Committee

The Education Committee works to provide information on local crags, technical skills, and best practices and safety in climbing through social media, free clinics, and educational events.

Stewardship Committee

Working closely with local land managers, the Stewardship Committee helps engage the local community in volunteer projects, including construction of trails and belay platforms and crag clean-up events.

Shelf Road Committee

The Shelf Road Committee is working with land managers and other organizations to adopt this popular climbing area. Current projects include bathroom and parking expansion, fixed hardware management, and trail maintenance.  


South Platte Committee

The South Platte Committee is focused on maintaining access, preserving the history, and promoting sustainable climbing practices in the South Platte. These area include but are not limited to: Turkey Rocks, Thunder Ridge, Elevenmile Canyon, and Devil's Head.

Fixed Hardware Committee

The Fixed Hardware Committee is responsible for the inventory and maintenance of the bolts and anchor gear in our City parks, and contributes to the management of hardware in other areas of the region as well.

More Information

- Board of Directors
- Bylaws
- Interested in joining the Board or a Committee? Contact Us!
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