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Garden of the Gods

Regulations and Best Practices for Climbers

Garden of the Gods is a beautiful place to climb, only minutes from downtown Colorado Springs. But did you know? Garden of the Gods is also a city park, managed by the city of Colorado Springs, and climbing there requires compliance with rules and regulations set by the city. These rules are in place both to ensure the safety of climbers, but also to protect the park's other aesthetic, ecological, and economic values. By upholding these rules, you are helping further our mission of ensuring free and open access to this climbing area and sustaining its beauty and character for future generations.

Please do not hesitate to contact us  with any questions or concerns!

Climbing Permits

All climbers at Garden of the Gods are required to obtain simple, free climbing permits from the Garden of the Gods Visitor Center or online. Click below for more information.

Fixed Hardware and Bolting

The rich climbing history of Garden of the Gods means that there is a lot of historic fixed hardware - pitons, pins, old bolts, etc. - in the park. Please recognize that old hardware is not always trustworthy, especially in soft rock. Always check hardware before weighting or falling on it, but leave fixed hardware in place as much as possible.


If you have any concerns about specific pieces of hardware or hardware replacement policies, please contact our fixed hardware committee.

Always Carry Proper Equipment

Before entering any climbing area in the park, please ensure that you are equipped with a rope, harness, and other proper gear. This is important for park officials, who must be able to distinguish between those who have intentionally ventured into vertical terrain and have the knowledge to do so, and other visitors who may have wandered farther than intended and require rescue. This applies if you enter any climbing area, including Tourist Gully on North Gateway.

White Chalk

All Chalk Types Prohibited

Did you know, the use of white chalk in Garden of the Gods has been prohibited since the 1980's? Park regulations now prohibit the use of all chalk substitutes to protect the aesthetic value of this amazing landscape.

After Hours Climbing

Climbing after dark in Garden of the Gods is prohibited. This is to minimize risk in the park as well as expenses to emergency responders in the city.


Some areas of the park are closed during certain times of the year to protect nesting birds. Click here for more information.

Climbing is discouraged in other areas as well, including on the East Face of North Gateway Rock and near the plaque on the South End of North Gateway Rock.

We Thank You for Your Cooperation!

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