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Training Beta!

Check out these articles on climbing training!

3 Easy Ways to Give Back

Read below, from Roots Rated

Alex Lowe and David Bridges' remains found in the Himalaya

Read the Rock and Ice article below

Amanda Tarr reflects on a Zion climb, established solo!

Read about Amanda Tarr-Forrest in this Alpinist article

Celebrating the life of Glen Dawson

Glen Dawson (June 3, 1921 - March 22, 2016) was one of the most significant climbing pioneers of our time. Read his story here!

Ashima Shiraishi becomes the youngest person to climb V15

Here's a great Nat Geo article on the smallest biggest name in climbing!


Ashima Shiraishi

Chris Sharma talks about filming Point Break

Seen the movie yet? It's an adrenaline junkie's dream, despite its lack of depth. In the climbing scene, you might recognize Chris Sharma's climbing style with the heads of the actors pasted on... or did they actually climb?

Colorado Climber Jonathan Seigrist sends 5.hard in Spain

Add News Story here

NPR Interview with Alex Honnold

Learn more about the world's best know free soloist.

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