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PPCA Committees 

. . . consist of Board members and several community members dedicated to the cause.

Want to join us? Use this contact form, or message us on Facebook!

Fixed Hardware Committee

The FHC consists of a small group of committed and experienced anchor replacement specialists. The FHC is working towards evaluating and addressing fixed hardware issues in the Pikes Peak region, primarily in our local City parks, while also preserving the unique climbing history of our area. In addition, the FHC can advise on new route installation as needed. Application information can be found here. The FHC works in partnership with the City of Colorado Springs and keeps an updated inventory of completed and upcoming hardware needs. We are also working towards incorporating into our website a way for people to submit information or requests about fixed hardware to keep lines of communication open between the public, the PPCA, and land managers.

Over the last 20+ years, the Rocky Mountain Field Institute (RMFI), a local non-profit, in partnership with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), has been responsible in the past for building and maintaining the trails at Shelf Road. Now, that is shifting, and the PPCA is stepping up to adopt Shelf Road! It is a critical time in the history of our climbing areas- funding is running out as our sport is growing exponentially. The PPCA's vision is to generate opportunities for climbers to step up to the plate and go to bat for the climbing areas we all love and share. This includes trail-building and stewardship opportunities, fundraisers, and strong alliances with the Access Fund and American Alpine Club to empower the PPCA's Shelf Road Committee to GET 'ER DONE!! 


We are currently working towards expanding camping and parking options, as well as install additional bathrooms at both Sand Gulch and The Bank. We can use your help!


Shelf Road Committee

Education Committee

The mission of the Education Committee is to preserve and carry forth the history and diversity of the Pikes Peak region through targeted education opportunities in climbing safety, etiquette, and inclusiveness. The Education Committee also works closely with the Shelf Road and South Platte Committees. Through social media, free clinics, and other community outreach, the Education Committee shares information on raptor closures, climbing skills and safety, and crag etiquette. Want to get involved with the PPCA? There's a place for you here!

South Platte Committee

The South Platte Committee will maintain open lines of communication with land managers of some of our favorite crags to keep access open, educate and encourage climbers to follow regulations like raptor closures, parking, and crag etiquette, and generally advocate for this special region of our state. To view the South Platte Climbing Area Management Plan, click here


Want to be involved in the South Platte? Please email us at

Volunteering can include GPS trail mapping, trail days, wag bag station restocks, and much much more!


Stewardship Committee

The mission of the Stewardship Committee is to protect the natural integrity of climbing areas in the Pikes Peak Region by working collaboratively to implement projects that ensure sustainable climbing access. Project areas include Garden of the Gods, Shelf Road, Red Rock Canyon, and the South Platte. 


For information about the Stewardship Committee's upcoming projects and to get involved, keep an eye out for upcoming events!

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