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Our Programs

What we do


Work with Land Managers

We work with the US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and the City of Colorado Springs to advocate for access to some of the best rock climbing in Colorado


Human Waste Mitigation 

Whether you use the  pit toilet at Shelf that the PPCA fundraised for, or the wag bags at Turkey Rocks that we resupply, the PPCA is dedicated to reducing the impact of human waste in our climbing areas.   



Our dedicated bolt replacement volunteers continue to work to replace aging hardware in Garden of the Gods, Shelf Rd. Devil's Head and more. We are currently working to expand our bolt replacement program.



We look for ways to educate climbers on the unique challenges of the diverse Pikes Peak region. Those challenges include the need for local rock to dry before climbing, the local rules for chalk, and establishing bolting guidelines with the community. 

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