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Welcome to the PPCA!

We are a nonprofit climbing stewardship organization based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Our mission is to promote sustainable use of local climbing areas, protect access, and engage the climbing community through events and educational opportunities.

We're named after Pikes Peak, but our stewardship work extends to many crags across the Southern Front Range of Colorado. Our main areas of focus include  Shelf Road, Garden of the Gods, and the South Platte.

Want to know more? Click here to learn about where we work, our committees, and current projects.

How YOU can get involved

Stewardship and Community Events

There are lots of great ways to join our mission! See our events page for fun community events such as stewardship projects, educational clinics, and more!


Did you know? The Access Fund and PPCA have teamed up for joint membership! This means that, when you become a member of the PPCA, you also get all the perks of Access Fund membership and you help support us and our amazing partner organization! Once you're on the sign up page, click "Support Local Advocacy" and select CO - Pikes Peak Climber's Alliance to join us. 


Can't make it out to join us at the crag? You can still support our current projects by making a tax-deductible donation to the PPCA!

Know Before you Climb



Many climbing areas near Colorado Springs are periodically closed to protect nesting raptors and other threatened species. To preserve access to crags and protect  delicate ecosystems, we ask that all climbers in the Pikes Peak Region respect these laws and stay out of closed areas.


Did you know, white chalk and all chalk substitutes are prohibited at G.O.G? Do you know what routes are closed for nesting birds at certain times of the year? Read up on these and other special rules in G.O.G. here


The sandstone at Garden of the Gods and Red Rock Open Space is fragile when wet! Climbing wet rock is dangerous, and can damage climbs because holds are much more likely to break. Please allow plenty of time for rock to dry, because even rock that appears dry can be wet under the surface. Click here to learn more.


With more people getting outside, it is very important to learn to tread lightly. Check out these simple and easy to follow LNT guidelines!


Many regions in the Pikes Peak Region are historically traditional areas with minimal fixed hardware or bolts. Before replacing, adding, or removing any fixed hardware, please consult with the PPCA fixed hardware committee to avoid conflict with area-specific ethics or traditions.

Thank you for helping keep climbing areas on the Southern Front Range open and enjoyable for everyone!

Educational Videos

Check out these videos to learn a bit more about some of the crags on the Front Range  and how you can do your part to keep them open and accessible for all climbers. 

Front Range

Shelf Road

South Platte

Upcoming Events

  • BCC & PPCA Anchor Replacement Program Training
    Feb 26, 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
    Location is TBD
    Space is limited - This Part 2 training will cover proper bolt placement, bolt removal for various bolt types, and anchor configuration setup. There will be plenty of hands on opportunities using BCC tools and hardware.
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