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Our Mission

is to promote sustainable climbing, foster education, and protect the resources of the Pikes Peak region. We do this through open dialogue and partnership with land managers, other advocacy organizations, and the local community. ​


About Us

We are an all volunteer crew advocating for climbers.

Our mission service areas are: 

Pikes Peak – Garden of the Gods – Red Rock Open Space – North Cheyenne Canyon – Ute Valley Park – Shelf Road – Thunder Ridge – Turkey Rocks – Eleven Mile – Heaven’s Gate – Sheep’s Nose 

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Bolt Chopping on Pikes Peak

The Pikes Peak Climbers Alliance condemns the actions of the climbers who have engaged in the damaging practice of chopping/flattening bolts. Such actions not only jeopardize the safety of fellow community members and degrade the environment, but also undermine the integrity and spirit of responsible climbing. 


Defacing without discourse goes against the desire of the community at large and is an unaccountable method for dealing with fixed hardware concerns. The PPCA supports route development that is conscientious, preserves the unique environment of Pikes Peak, and respects the history of this area. We recognize that Pikes Peak has long been a self-regulated area, and that these recent and ongoing trends reflect the serious need for intentional change. 


Going forward, it is our goal to bring the community together to form strict, standardized protocol for route development on the Peak, as well as solidifying protection for historical routes to preserve their unique character and adventurous spirit for generations to come. While we are still considering all options, it is our intent to work with the involved parties and the community to find the best solution. In the interim, we ask all communtiy members to refrain from bolting or chopping on Pikes Peak while we find a solution. 

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