Our Board of Directors

Ben Schmitt

Climbing has dramatically shaped Andrew’s life.

He now does his best to effect positive change in the lives of

others through climbing, conservation, and community building.

Andrew Reed: President
Ian Dyer

Ian started climbing in the South Platte in the late 90’s.  He is a fan of crack climbing, specifically
off widths. Why? Because he hates himself.  Outreach and marketing are his concentrating areas in
climbing and a major factor in his decision to join the PPCA. Educating new climbers to the
ethics and nuances of the sport is extremely important to him. Outside of climbing Ian’s other
passions include; photography, backpacking, robbing banks, hiking, patio margaritas and golf.


I have lived in Colorado Springs for over 20 years. I am invested in creating a welcoming environment, not only in the climbing community, but in the Colorado Springs outdoor community as a whole. Education is my passion, and I look forward to fostering a healthy relationship between the youth and the natural wonders that surround us.

Ama Dei

I grew up in Colorado Springs and learned to climb in the Garden of the Gods back in
the early 1980’s. I have fond memories of the Garden, when the road actually went
right through the Gateway, to the old Hidden Inn which was nestled amongst the fins
just west of North Gateway rock. We loved to climb the daring routes on the West
Face, high above the parking lot. In those days, ropes could be seen all over the West
and Finger Faces on any warm, sunny weekend. In the intervening years, I’ve traveled
and climbed all over the American West, and most of those routes we held dear have
long since fallen into obscurity.
My interest these days lies with climber safety and historical education, and I would like
to give back to the community in those ways. Back in the day we learned to climb from
experienced climbers we met. While today there are many avenues for learning, safety
and history are often lost in the rush. It hurts me, every time I hear that someone has
died or been seriously injured in an accident that could have been avoided.
Communication and safe practices are how we avoid accidents. And history is how we
understand the why, and learn to appreciate the struggles and achievements of the
climbers who came before.

Bill Olszewski
Shane Leva

I have spent the past 15 years involved with different local climbing organizations in various capacities because I believe in the importance of good relationships with land managers, sustainable trail building, and keeping climbing access open. After moving to Colorado, our family set off to explore new (to us) climbing areas and quickly discovered all the great climbing in the Pike's Peak area. Once I was hooked on the climbing, I knew I had to raise my hand to help. I hope to bring my nerdy skills to the organization and help with all the nuts and bolts behind the scenes organization that is necessary to make all the fun stuff like trail days and community events happen. When I'm not climbing, I like to spend time with my husband, twin girls, and my two great danes. 

JSterr (1).png
Josephine Sterr

The Front Range climbing access and community is spectacular and that is what has driven me to join the PPCA board. I hope to contribute to creating an environment of inclusivity and passion through education about best climbing practices and protecting the delicate ecosystems we are so lucky to enjoy. Can't wait to see you out there getting after it! 

IMG_5937 2.JPG
Kate Nelson

I have lived in Colorado Springs for almost a decade and frequently find myself amazed at our close access to recreation.  I believe a strong community is the key to balance between a city and its surroundings.  I am excited to represent our amazing community for access, preservation, and acceptance as a PPCA board member.

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Corey Wager
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