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Our Board of Directors

Kate Nelson: President
Ben Schmitt

The Front Range climbing access and community is spectacular and that is what has driven me to join the PPCA board. I hope to contribute to creating an environment of inclusivity and passion through education about best climbing practices and protecting the delicate ecosystems we are so lucky to enjoy. Can't wait to see you out there getting after it! 



I have lived in Colorado Springs for over 20 years. I am invested in creating a welcoming environment, not only in the climbing community, but in the Colorado Springs outdoor community as a whole. Education is my passion, and I look forward to fostering a healthy relationship between the youth and the natural wonders that surround us.

Ama Dei
Abby Caballero

My interest in the PPCA lies with climber safety and historical education, and I would like to give back to the community in those ways. While today there are many avenues for learning, safety and history are often lost in the rush. Communication and safe practices are how we avoid accidents. And history is how we understand the why, and learn to appreciate the struggles and achievements of the climbers who came before.

Bill Olszewski
Douglas Argyle


Douglas Argyle

Josephine has worked with various local climbing organizations for the past 15 years and is excited to serve as the Secretary of the PPCA. In addition, she will head the Shelf Road Committee as she and her husband and twin girls climb there every chance they get. 

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Josephine Sterr

We are fortunate to have so many beautiful, unique and varied climbing opportunities in the Pikes Peak Region and I take pride in having begun my climbing journey here over 20 years ago. I am excited to give back to the local climbing community as a member of the PPCA board. I hope that I can serve as an advocate for access, for inclusivity, and for safe and sustainable adventure for all.

"I was born in the San Juans and grew up scrambling over the rocks and cliffs that I called home. When someone pointed out that ropes were a thing I tied in and off I went! I have been a Colorado Springs resident for over a decade now and my goal is to protect and preserve our awesome climbing and natural spaces for all the people of Colorado, its visitors, and for the future generations to come! I believe that the best ways to make that goal our reality are education and outreach."

John Wolford

I have lived in Colorado Springs for almost a decade and frequently find myself amazed at our close access to recreation.  I believe a strong community is the key to balance between a city and its surroundings.  I am excited to represent our amazing community for access, preservation, and acceptance as a PPCA board member.

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Corey Wager
You Could Be Next!

Please use our contact form, Facebook or email to find out more. Attending our quarterly Public Meetings is also a great way to find updates, meet and mingle with the current Board, and learn how to be involved. Hope to see you soon!

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