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Brian Shelton

I am a native of Colorado Springs with 25 years climbing experience that has taken me all around the world and I am still proud to call the Garden of The Gods and Cheyenne Canon my “Home Crags”. I also played a major part in the development of Red Rock Canyon. I run Front Range Climbing Company which I started in 2001. I have been working with the city for over 10 years now regarding the maintenance and replacement of anchors and protection. I believe that my detailed knowledge of the climbing areas in the Springs and their history will be an asset to the Board.

Bosier Parsons

I came to Co. Springs in 1991 to attend Colorado College, where I was first introduced to climbing. I learned at Garden of the Gods and still love climbing there, along with our other local venues, and I stayed here as a result of the huge and diverse offering of climbing resources in our proximity. I am dedicated to promoting community and good climbing stewardship, and giving back to the sport I love, specifically through preservation and protection of resources, but also in leaving a lasting and meaningful legacy for future generations of climbers in our area.

Stewart Green

I’m a Colorado Springs’ native and started climbing at North Cheyenne Canon in 1965 when I was 12 and at the Garden of the Gods in 1967. Since then I’ve climbed all over the world, visiting many climbing areas and seeing how they were managed and then brought the best of those ethics back to my home crags in Colorado. I was on the Garden of the Gods Master Plan in 1992/1993 and then served on the Red Rock Canyon Open Space Master Plan committees in 2003/2004 and in 2012/2013. Over the past 10 years I have served as a liaison with Brian Shelton between climbers and the City of Colorado Springs Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services Dept, working out a process to place and maintain fixed hardware, run trail days, and deal with climbing issues as they arose. My contacts and knowledge of the political process as well as my knowledge of many other climbing areas are a continuing benefit to maintaining our climbing freedoms in the Pikes Peak Region.

Phil Wortmann

I have lived in the area since 1997, when I was stationed at Ft Carson and chose to stay in the Springs afterwards. I currently work at Palmer High School downtown, and have guided for Pikes Peak Alpine School since 2008. I learned to snowboard, climb, guide, and trail run on Pikes Peak and the surrounding area, so it holds a very special place for me. I’m convinced that no other town in the country can offer the variety of training and recreational opportunities that Colorado Springs does. However, as our town and sport grows, it will present new challenges for conservation, access, and cohesion among users. My hope is that the PPCA can lead in that dialogue. I’ve appreciated the focus on stewardship and the unity of purpose the PPCA has brought to our unique local climbing areas, and look forward to assisting in that vision.


Ryan Chelstowski

I moved to the Pikes Peak Region in 2013.  Soon after,  I was immediately taken back by just how much community camaraderie was alive and active in the area.  I fed off it and wanted to lend a hand in whatever ways possible.  Learning traditional climbing in the Shawagunks Preserve in NY, I saw the importance of preserving our wonderlands for our future friends to experience.

I strongly believe in the value of preservation and community in climbing and is why I'm excited to be a part of the PPCA.  I believe we can maintain and sustain our climbing community in the Pikes Peak region through the sharing of information and listening to our community members.  I look forward to chatting with you!

Ian Dyer
Tony Yao
Brian Rhodes
Shane Leva
Jared Sanders
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